Oh! What a Week!

This is the first week I will be using my new tool for the family! I’ve filled out all the basic appointments that involve each family member and color coded it with Sharpies. The Sharpie does bleed through the page but it doesn’t leave any marks on the next page. I’m excited I will be able to use my regular, fat, “80’s Glam” set of Sharpies! They had every color for our family, so I couldn’t pass it up in the store!


There isn’t much happening just yet!


I plan to post this on the fridge and encourage my family to add things as the week progresses.


The colors are so vibrant and happy! They draw me in and beckon me to participate with them!


I think I’m going to love having this splash of color and info on my fridge! I hope my family will LOOK at it!!~Kristy

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