“ENJOY” the Chocolate…Gift Bag

Let’s talk about these gift bags. They did not reach out and grab me, as I have not placed an order for one yet. I really wasn’t that sure what they were supposed to be for, as I couldn’t imagine giving someone a gift in a drab brown bag, with a big massive Erin Condren logo on it. I just couldn’t marry that idea and feel like it would produce any good results.


Photo by Connie Martinez

But then Connie took the plunge, and ordered a small gift bag, and posted pictures of it in the Erin Condren Fan Club group on FB. And the pictures caught my eye. The Life Planner fits perfectly into the small gift bag, and the bag itself is sturdy and has space for more than just the planner. I asked her to give me details, and here is what she said…


Photo by Connie Martinez

“They are lined with a type of vinyl…I poured water on the outside and it did not leak through…burlap feel…6 inch drop handles…comes with tissue paper…you chose one of 8 colors (red, purple, bright blue, orange, hot pink, yellow, green, and metallic gold)…gold is metallic, not flat…plenty of room for Washi, pens, Life Planner, and more…large 31 zipper pouch fits nicely…will work as a small purse.”


Photo by Connie Martinez

Hmm…with all of that info, I think I might need to order one of these bags! I saw someone else mention that they would be good for grocery bags. Now, I can marry that idea! I’ll have to look up the large version of this bag and see what the dimensions are.


Photo by Connie Martinez

I will seriously be considering this bag of chocolate goodness. It’s definitely rustic, which fits right in with my country home and country lifestyle. And I do love the message on the bag…ENJOY!

Tell me if you have one of these gift bags. What do you use it for? Would you order one again? What do you like best about it?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! ~Kristy

2 thoughts on ““ENJOY” the Chocolate…Gift Bag

  1. Ohhhhh I see a 31 zipper pouch in there. I was just about to order another one to store my lp in my purse. Already loving my markers and posties etc. In the jewelry bag:)

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