Oh! What A Week…in Action

“What is going on this weekend?” my daughter asked as she rounded the corner into the office.

“Everything is on the fridge,” I answered, and she made an immediate about-face to go and look.

I could feel the smug, smile, smartly on my face.  This is going to work.  I nodded my head gently and put my focus back on my computer.


Oh! What a Week sits proudly on our small fridge, in the middle of the heart of our home.  I can’t tell you how many countless times I looked at it this week, loving the colors, loving the space, loving the lines and columns.  It has plenty of space for me to write BIG, so everyone can read it while we sit at the breakfast table!

I asked each family member how many times they looked at it this week…Husband – 6 times; Son – 3 times; Daughter – 4 times; Son – 2 times.  I am happy that they all looked at it at least once!!

I couldn’t wait till Sunday to start filling out the next sheet!


The weekly spread is so colorful and cheerful, I wanted to grab my Sharpies and just get it going!  I love that I get to use my Sharpies.  They are vibrant and cheerful, just like I want our life to be!  Each color has a purpose…Pink for me, orange for hubby, blue for son1, yellow for daughter, green for son2, purple for family!

As we all looked at it one night during supper, my daughter exclaimed “Oh! It’s color coded?  OHHHH, I GET IT!!”…yes my dear daughter, everything that pertains to you is written in YELLOW, the color you’ve had since you were a baby, your favorite color in the world, the color I’ve always used to mark things that applied to YOU!!  I’m so glad you”get it”.  Sometimes children puzzle me!


The Sharpies do bleed through some, as I mentioned before, but not enough to mark on the following page, so it is not a problem at all.  I love that I get to use all my fun, bright colors!!  I know.  I already said that!


I keep my Sharpies on the side of the fridge in this little cup.  It has a magnet and plenty of space for around 8 Sharpies, 6 highlighters, and a 4 color Bic pen.  These are my staple writing tools for the things I use on my fridge.

I suppose this would be considered my “command center”.  I hope it does command the attention of my family.  I hope they will learn to look at the “Oh! What a Week” every single day.  I hope they will learn to add things to it!

I think we made good progress this week, and I am all ready for next week!

5 thoughts on “Oh! What A Week…in Action

  1. Thanks for posting this – this is one of the products that I have looked at many times but was never sure if I would use it more than the calendar that I use on the fridge now so didn’t want to spend so much. I think the fact that I can use Sharpies has me far more interested. Here’s my question for you – the calendar we have now on the side of the fridge now (just a small magnetic monthly calendar I found at Target) is written in ahead of time – my husband is forever flipping through when he wants to make plans with friends or whatever to see what’s going on in the coming weeks. Do you fill out the Oh What a Week far in advance, or just before the week starts? Do you have another method for keeping the family aware of what is going on in future weeks? I write all that stuff in my planner, but i don’t see my husband looking through it to see what’s going on (my kids are too young). I like the Oh What a Week to put up for the coming week but I’m not sure I would want the whole yearly pad hanging up at all times, just due to size and my obsessive need for being neat.

    • Hi Crystal,
      At this point, I have only filled it out for the week coming up. If you had a place to store the pad, that would be easy to access (large drawer maybe), you could write things for upcoming weeks, but it would not be as convenient as a calendar like what you are using. My husband puts important upcoming events in the notepad on his iPhone, but he has not been big on keeping a calendar anyway, so he doesn’t miss not having a full calendar to look at. I have also, at times, sat down with my family to talk about what is coming up, and that worked pretty well. But this seems to be really working because EVERYONE sees it, every time they reach for something out of the fridge, and it’s right there when we are eating, so I can talk about what is happening on a pretty regular basis. ~Kristy

  2. I absolutely adore my what a week calendar! it’s the only way my family can keep up with what’s happening for the week with our crazy schedules. I totally love your command center!

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