Before and After Dec 16-22

This is definitely one of my favorite products that Erin Condren offers.  I love seeing how each week evolves!!

This was last week on Sunday.  Each week starts off sparse compared to what it ends up like.  If feels like I’m painting a picture each week, and it is always different.  I love the variety that this provides!


The week got filled up a bit, but it wasn’t overly busy.  Kids finished school for the year, and Christmas break officially began.  We didn’t seem to get much laundry done this week.  I do believe I did a few loads, but not on “my” laundry day!


Here is next week.  Everything has been building to Christmas day.  I have NOTHING planned after Christmas!  I do rather hope we will stay home and just relax!!  Next week’s “after” photo of this OWaW will tell!

I used thin Sharpies to write “Christmas Morning and Christmas Eve” and draw the holly leaves and berries.  I LOVE being able to use Sharpies on this product.


I just can’t stop talking about the  Sharpies.  I can’t believe how useful this little “cup” is that I got from Walmart.  It has a big magnet and attaches to the side of the fridge, but when I need my markers to fill in my OWaW, it pulls right off and sits on the table perfectly!


This is becoming a fun routine and I look forward to Sunday night each week when I get to tear off a new page and start filling it in!