This Bag Rocks!

I ordered my own brown bag so I could see it in person!  I like this little thing.  It seems tough and sturdy and durable.  It does remind me of burlap so it’s not exactly a sleek or refined type of item.


It sits upright on its own and it holds its shape without sagging or falling over or bending.


I jammed all of these books in it before heading to the library.


I was delighted to discover that it would hold a regular 3-ring binder.  This opens up tons of possibilities with this bag.  This is the small gift bag, so I wasn’t expecting it to hold numerous things, but it easily carried the 3-ring binder, 3 library books that I needed to return, and my planner and my phone.  With all of those things in the bag, it did not fall over, but just sat there waiting for me to grab it and run out the door!


At the last-minute, I threw in my wallet as well, and tucked it under the planner.  Everything still fit and I could grab the handles comfortably to carry it out to my car!


I think this bag will hold up to a lot of wear and tear.  It is probably not going to show smudges or scratches.  I think it’s a great little bag and I’m glad I bought one for myself!

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