Before and After Dec 16-22

This is definitely one of my favorite products that Erin Condren offers.  I love seeing how each week evolves!!

This was last week on Sunday.  Each week starts off sparse compared to what it ends up like.  If feels like I’m painting a picture each week, and it is always different.  I love the variety that this provides!


The week got filled up a bit, but it wasn’t overly busy.  Kids finished school for the year, and Christmas break officially began.  We didn’t seem to get much laundry done this week.  I do believe I did a few loads, but not on “my” laundry day!


Here is next week.  Everything has been building to Christmas day.  I have NOTHING planned after Christmas!  I do rather hope we will stay home and just relax!!  Next week’s “after” photo of this OWaW will tell!

I used thin Sharpies to write “Christmas Morning and Christmas Eve” and draw the holly leaves and berries.  I LOVE being able to use Sharpies on this product.


I just can’t stop talking about the  Sharpies.  I can’t believe how useful this little “cup” is that I got from Walmart.  It has a big magnet and attaches to the side of the fridge, but when I need my markers to fill in my OWaW, it pulls right off and sits on the table perfectly!


This is becoming a fun routine and I look forward to Sunday night each week when I get to tear off a new page and start filling it in!

Happy Birthday Cards

I took advantage of the Friends & Family sale, and the Black Friday sale! I don’t remember which one, but I ordered these little birthday cards and they are perfect!!


They came in the little clear pouch and the cards themselves are very compact, perfect for a quick little note. I love that they are so colorful and they are appropriate for both women and men.


There are 12 cards and envelopes and 20 matching address labels. I was able to choose from several different colors for the envelope at no extra charge.

I am very happy with these cards and will order again when they have another sale!!

Before and After Dec 9-15

December 9-15…the first week!

Oh! What a Week began with much anticipation and excitement!  I color code, so each color refers to a specific individual in our family, and purple alerts ALL of us.  I use a cloud bubble to bring extra attention to an item.

On Sunday, the 8th, I filled out our week.


I added things as the week  progressed.  On Thursday, there were 2 chores that my kids needed to do THAT DAY.  I also wanted my husband to help them, so I put a cloud bubble around their chore with orange, my husband’s color.  Since we are still in the training stages, I pointed out both that I had added something to their days, and that I wanted my husband to help them do the task.  It sort of worked.  I’m pretty sure he helped with the bed, but I know he didn’t help with the porch furniture.  But both chores got done, so that was the important thing!

On Sunday, the 15th, our week was finished!


Things were added along the way.  I loved grabbing my Sharpies and writing new things on the schedule.  I love that this is only the beginning and this system will be fine tuned each week.

Right now, it is mostly for events and appointments that involve my family members, and any event or appointment that I have, that also impacts their day.  The chores listed are things that are not every day or every week chores. I notice them, quickly jot them down so I don’t forget about them, then point them out to the individual! I do plan to list the laundry days each week at the bottom.

I loved having it on my fridge. Next week is already up and I can’t wait to see what the week will bring!!


Dear Erin…From Sara

It’s time for “Dear Erin” Monday!  This is your opportunity to write Erin Condren a letter, letting her know what you love about her planner, and/or her products, and how they bless your life!  If you would like to submit a letter, please use the link above for submitting a blog post!  I can’t wait to hear from all of you!!  Today we feature a letter from Sara…

Dear Erin,
I absolutely love my planner. I love that we can use it right out of the box and its so colorful, or if we want to, we can decorate. I love that you listen to your customers and make changes/updates that people want to see. I love the versatility of it– some people use it as their calendar, some as a fitness journal, baby schedule-tracker, etc– or it can be all of these things in one book! We all took the same book– and I have not seen any 2 that are alike. Mine is my right hand man (or woman– I think she’s a lady)– I don’t go anywhere or make any plans without consulting [her]. And don’t get me started on the customization! From changing fonts and colors and making the poor designer go in and choose a different color for each letter on my cover, and YOU DIDN’T CHARGE ME EXTRA! I love the milestone codes (something you don’t have to do), and I personally have not had an issue that did not get resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction (I paid the $5 to upload a pic to the back of my previous LP, and when it arrived the pic was not there– I reported the error, and expecting my $5 back, I was given a $25 credit! Way more than generous!) Mistakes happen– we are only human. We ALL make mistakes. You make things right, going above and beyond. There may be kinks in the system to work out, but that’s fine. Practice makes perfect. Keep your head held high, and keep on keepin’ on. We will be here, supporting you and rockin’ out your awesome goodies.

But we do need tabs on the address book. I’m just sayin’. Ladies like pockets and tabs.

What To Do With March 2014

I just saw some chatter in the Erin Condren Fan Club regarding the monthly spread for March 2014.  Here is 1/2 of the monthly spread in all of its festive green goodness!  Look closely at the bottom left corner.


This cannot be happening!!  Itty, bitty, teeny, tiny boxes….4 days worth??  NO!!!!


When I first got my planner and saw this, I promptly went to work and made some changes.  I immediately used my Bic whiteout tape and covered the lines that divided the boxes as well as the numbers 30 & 31.  This gave me full size boxes for March 23 & 24.  Don’t mind how messy those boxes look.  I had a disagreement with some uncooperative Washi tape, and it tore my pages just a bit.  No worries, I can live with it.


After I redeemed the squares for March 23 & 24, I went back up to the top left of my monthly spread and used the first 2 boxes, and wrote in a 30 in the Sunday box and a 31 in the Monday box, and finished out my month.


This works for me.

I went through the rest of my planner and found the same issue in November 2014, only it affects just one box, instead of two.  I do hope they will do something different in the 2015 planners.  Having just a 1/2 box for a day will NEVER work for me!

Oh! What A Week…in Action

“What is going on this weekend?” my daughter asked as she rounded the corner into the office.

“Everything is on the fridge,” I answered, and she made an immediate about-face to go and look.

I could feel the smug, smile, smartly on my face.  This is going to work.  I nodded my head gently and put my focus back on my computer.


Oh! What a Week sits proudly on our small fridge, in the middle of the heart of our home.  I can’t tell you how many countless times I looked at it this week, loving the colors, loving the space, loving the lines and columns.  It has plenty of space for me to write BIG, so everyone can read it while we sit at the breakfast table!

I asked each family member how many times they looked at it this week…Husband – 6 times; Son – 3 times; Daughter – 4 times; Son – 2 times.  I am happy that they all looked at it at least once!!

I couldn’t wait till Sunday to start filling out the next sheet!


The weekly spread is so colorful and cheerful, I wanted to grab my Sharpies and just get it going!  I love that I get to use my Sharpies.  They are vibrant and cheerful, just like I want our life to be!  Each color has a purpose…Pink for me, orange for hubby, blue for son1, yellow for daughter, green for son2, purple for family!

As we all looked at it one night during supper, my daughter exclaimed “Oh! It’s color coded?  OHHHH, I GET IT!!”…yes my dear daughter, everything that pertains to you is written in YELLOW, the color you’ve had since you were a baby, your favorite color in the world, the color I’ve always used to mark things that applied to YOU!!  I’m so glad you”get it”.  Sometimes children puzzle me!


The Sharpies do bleed through some, as I mentioned before, but not enough to mark on the following page, so it is not a problem at all.  I love that I get to use all my fun, bright colors!!  I know.  I already said that!


I keep my Sharpies on the side of the fridge in this little cup.  It has a magnet and plenty of space for around 8 Sharpies, 6 highlighters, and a 4 color Bic pen.  These are my staple writing tools for the things I use on my fridge.

I suppose this would be considered my “command center”.  I hope it does command the attention of my family.  I hope they will learn to look at the “Oh! What a Week” every single day.  I hope they will learn to add things to it!

I think we made good progress this week, and I am all ready for next week!

Paisley ~n~ Pink

Love, love, love this cover!!

Paisley can never go wrong!  Pink can never go wrong!

This cover was designed by Ronna and the colors are Peony (Pink) for the background, and white for the Paisley design.


Photo by Ronna Watts

I love the simplicity of this cover.  The Paisley looks delicate against the Peony, yet it is crisp and clear and gentle and sweet and girly and pretty and unique and beautiful!!

Thank you Ronna for sharing your cover design with all of us!