Dear Erin…from Rebecca

Dear Erin,
I am not a BOP (Born Organized Person). Your planner has helped me to track my work commitments, personal commitments, schoolwork, fitness and everything else all in one place. It makes sense to my non-BOP brain. I appreciate the design and beauty of it as well, and the colors…well they make my day. Thank you for making a product that works for BOP and non-BOPs alike and making the world a little prettier. Thanks ever so much! Rebecca

2 thoughts on “Dear Erin…from Rebecca

  1. Hi Erin!

    As opposed to Rebecca, I am your typical “BOP.” My new EC planner helps foster my type-A personality and makes it easy for me to stay organized (and beautifully color coordinated thanks to my EC colorful ink pens)! I love that you are able to design cute products that appeal to all of your clients needs. I am still undecided as to what I want to do in life, but am becoming more and more interested in graphic design. I was wondering if you could provide any advice. What is your design background in? Thanks so much!

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