A Word to the Newbies

First, I want to shout out to all the new people who are following my blog!  Welcome, and may you be inspired, educated, and motivated by what you see on these pages.

Second, I want to offer a warm welcome to all the Newbies in the Erin Condren world, and if you are part of one of my “MyEC” groups on Facebook, a double welcome to you!!

It’s an exciting time right now for everyone ordering their very first Erin Condren product. The new planner launch is well under way and photos of new planners are beginning to pop up on all the various Erin Condren Facebook groups. The anticipation and excitement are only too familiar as it has been less than a year since I was sitting in your exact same position. I only discovered Erin Condren in August of 2013, went home and ordered one the same day, and then the waiting game began.

OH THE WAIT!! It’s awful. It’s painful. Perhaps it’s part of the ritual of becoming a true Erin Condren fan!!

As I sit here, waiting for my own planner to move out of the “pending” status, I can step right into the shoes of the newbies, and experience everything all over again with them. But I want to warn them. I want to protect them. I want to cushion the disappointment that some of them will experience with their very first order. I want them to know a few things before the beauty of the “honeymoon” fades into disillusion and questions.

For some, their planner will arrive perfectly, in a timely manner, and the joy of opening that super cute box will not be spoiled or tainted in any way. Their unboxing experience will be fit for a YouTube video, whether or not they actually had their camera rolling.

For others, the journey of frustration and annoyance will begin. Erin Condren has an AMAZING product. There is no doubt about that. But for some people, the experience of working with the company will really test their resolve, their persistence, and their follow through.

For whatever reason, Erin Condren the company struggles with production and quality control. Ridiculous mistakes, often due to an employee simply not even reading the information in the special instructions box, flow out of their doors each day, inside of those lovely shipping boxes that we all so eagerly anticipate. It makes no sense at all, when pages are upside down, or missing completely, colors are incorrect, or fonts and spacing are off. It leaves one wondering exactly what “quality control” looks like in the EC warehouse. It leaves many of us, that have watched this happen over and over and over again, shaking our heads, wishing things would be different, wishing things would improve and silly mistakes would be a thing of the past.

What I want to say to the Newbies is this: if your order has a problem, Erin Condren will fix it. For some, it will be a smooth process, and they will come out of the experience praising Customer Service, and excited about the next thing they want to order. For others, the experience will be not much short of a nightmare, and you will question whether the hassle of simply getting what you ordered is really worth it.

I’ve determined it is worth it, but the hassle can truly test your character. To the Newbies, don’t give up. Don’t settle for anything less than what you ordered. Persevere if your order has an issue. In your account, there is a place to file an error report. USE IT. They will get back to you, maybe not that day, maybe during busy times, not for a few days, but they will get back to you. But know that you will probably have to initiate all steps of the process, you will have to contact them and follow through, you will have to check up on them and make sure they are doing their part in fixing the issue. Don’t give up. Don’t let too much time pass between your inquiries. And try to work with the same Customer Service person throughout the entire process.

As I watch the excitement become disappointment for some of you, I want you to know I feel for you. It is so hard to watch, and I want to just let you all know that it will be ok. I have been there. Most of us that have ordered multiple times (I’ve placed 30 orders since last August), have had some type of issue. I’ve learned to adjust my expectations, and give myself plenty of time between ordering and when I actually need the item. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to email me (myerincondren@gmail.com). I’ll do my best to answer your questions and offer info that might help you through the process.

When your planner finally does arrive, and it is perfect, and just how you ordered it, you will forget the pain of the process. It’s like childbirth, the prize is so wonderful, all the misery is forgotten!