A Word to the Newbies

First, I want to shout out to all the new people who are following my blog!  Welcome, and may you be inspired, educated, and motivated by what you see on these pages.

Second, I want to offer a warm welcome to all the Newbies in the Erin Condren world, and if you are part of one of my “MyEC” groups on Facebook, a double welcome to you!!

It’s an exciting time right now for everyone ordering their very first Erin Condren product. The new planner launch is well under way and photos of new planners are beginning to pop up on all the various Erin Condren Facebook groups. The anticipation and excitement are only too familiar as it has been less than a year since I was sitting in your exact same position. I only discovered Erin Condren in August of 2013, went home and ordered one the same day, and then the waiting game began.

OH THE WAIT!! It’s awful. It’s painful. Perhaps it’s part of the ritual of becoming a true Erin Condren fan!!

As I sit here, waiting for my own planner to move out of the “pending” status, I can step right into the shoes of the newbies, and experience everything all over again with them. But I want to warn them. I want to protect them. I want to cushion the disappointment that some of them will experience with their very first order. I want them to know a few things before the beauty of the “honeymoon” fades into disillusion and questions.

For some, their planner will arrive perfectly, in a timely manner, and the joy of opening that super cute box will not be spoiled or tainted in any way. Their unboxing experience will be fit for a YouTube video, whether or not they actually had their camera rolling.

For others, the journey of frustration and annoyance will begin. Erin Condren has an AMAZING product. There is no doubt about that. But for some people, the experience of working with the company will really test their resolve, their persistence, and their follow through.

For whatever reason, Erin Condren the company struggles with production and quality control. Ridiculous mistakes, often due to an employee simply not even reading the information in the special instructions box, flow out of their doors each day, inside of those lovely shipping boxes that we all so eagerly anticipate. It makes no sense at all, when pages are upside down, or missing completely, colors are incorrect, or fonts and spacing are off. It leaves one wondering exactly what “quality control” looks like in the EC warehouse. It leaves many of us, that have watched this happen over and over and over again, shaking our heads, wishing things would be different, wishing things would improve and silly mistakes would be a thing of the past.

What I want to say to the Newbies is this: if your order has a problem, Erin Condren will fix it. For some, it will be a smooth process, and they will come out of the experience praising Customer Service, and excited about the next thing they want to order. For others, the experience will be not much short of a nightmare, and you will question whether the hassle of simply getting what you ordered is really worth it.

I’ve determined it is worth it, but the hassle can truly test your character. To the Newbies, don’t give up. Don’t settle for anything less than what you ordered. Persevere if your order has an issue. In your account, there is a place to file an error report. USE IT. They will get back to you, maybe not that day, maybe during busy times, not for a few days, but they will get back to you. But know that you will probably have to initiate all steps of the process, you will have to contact them and follow through, you will have to check up on them and make sure they are doing their part in fixing the issue. Don’t give up. Don’t let too much time pass between your inquiries. And try to work with the same Customer Service person throughout the entire process.

As I watch the excitement become disappointment for some of you, I want you to know I feel for you. It is so hard to watch, and I want to just let you all know that it will be ok. I have been there. Most of us that have ordered multiple times (I’ve placed 30 orders since last August), have had some type of issue. I’ve learned to adjust my expectations, and give myself plenty of time between ordering and when I actually need the item. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to email me (myerincondren@gmail.com). I’ll do my best to answer your questions and offer info that might help you through the process.

When your planner finally does arrive, and it is perfect, and just how you ordered it, you will forget the pain of the process. It’s like childbirth, the prize is so wonderful, all the misery is forgotten!

75 thoughts on “A Word to the Newbies

  1. I have ordered 3 planners from EC, 2 had errors and the third was beautiful and perfect. They do fix their mistakes and she does have a wonderful product. If you order in late August EC is not as busy and that iswhen I received my perfect planner. The others where on launch dates. We will see this time.

  2. While I appreciate the intention, I must admit I think this is quite a pessimistic post.. I’ve noticed the people who are most vocal with complaints are almost always the same people posting multiple times on every facebook group.. I’ve ordered from them 6 times, and this will be my 3rd planner! I am so excited, and very happy to report I have never had an issue with my orders. I have reasonable expectations for shipping because of their posted shipping date, and I don’t customize the heck out of everything because their designs are lovely as is! I think it’s very easy to say that they could do this and that better, but for all we know they are… I don’t think there is a product like their Life Planner anywhere else (yes, I am part of the few who don’t care for Plum Paper), and if you think about how huge EC is getting, it makes perfect sense they have “growing pains” as she puts it, every year. I mean, there is only so much growth you can anticipate right? It looks like they are shipping LPs sooner than their quoted shipping date, so that already is a big plus, I hope mine gets here soon!

    • I don’t suppose they ever forgot to ship your planner with your order, did they? I was thrilled with my order last year, but with a missing planner and two other items from my order missing this time, it’s hard to see these as “growing pains” don’t you think?

  3. I’m a newbie and I am so glad you addressed this. The website glitches were nuts when I ordered mine as well as two others as gifts and I wasn’t able to use my $10 off coupon. All that being said, I’m nearly DYING with anticipation. Can’t wait!

  4. Wow, I found this very discouraging. I just ordered my second planner. If I had read this while I was researching my first planner, I probably would have gone to a different product. I’m glad that didn’t happen, since I have loved my planner this past year, and look forward to continuing that love affair. I think it helps to have realistic expectations. One of the great things about EC planners is that they are a small American start-up company selling American-made products. I don’t expect my interactions with them to be the same as what I’d get from a big production house like Franklin Covey or Filofax, and that’s a good thing in my opinion. I understand that they’re running as fast as they can, and their turn-around time is terrific. If there are errors (as is sometimes the case in any customized product), they have a great record of correcting them.

    • EC makes $10 million a year according to an article I read last fall. That is hardly a start up company. There is no need to be discouraged. Most likely your order will be fine. But if it isn’t, know that it will be, but it may take some consistent effort on your part to make sure that happens.

    • I just ordered and my product is taking 3 plus weeks already and has not moved out of “in progress” in all that time – I would not call that terrific turn-around time.

  5. I was super excited about my order until I read this. I am ordering to Canada (placed my order a couple days ago) and shipping already is an arm and a leg and if it has a mistake in basically screwed. I’m wondering if I should cancel my order and just forget the whole thing. I couldn’t afford a mistake.

    • I know that this comment is old, but just for anyone else who comes to read this DO NOT WORRY. I am in Australia (you can imagine how much shipping was before they brought in the flat international rate) and my first planner was missing a page in July. I took a photo of the page and reported it.

      They responded quickly and DID NOT ask me to ship back the faulty product. They simply sent a new one, all perfect.

      Eventually EC will work out these operations management issues they have because they must be losing a lot of money through all of their mistakes. Even though they are a successful company, they are still relatively new and have experienced almost exponential growth in a very short time frame. Working out these types of issues is often harder than starting the company because it requires overhauling their entire process. I have faith that they will get there.

  6. Great post. As a first time buyer, I wait nervously to see whether my new planner is the perfect object of beauty I hope it will be. It’s reassuring to be reminded that if it isn’t, they’ll fix it.

  7. I am a first time EC customer. I ordered my planner on June 15 and still have not relieved it. I am frustrated and not happy. I did contact them through the website and asked several straight forward questions (i.e., why did you charge me on June 17th when the order was not shipped?; why does does your customer service phone number hang up and not allow you to speak with a representative?; and why offer express shipping of the items cannot be shipped within a reasonable amount of time. I told them that I no longer wanted express shipping- regular shipping would be fine since I’ve waiting so long (and my order was still pending). They sent me back a generic email not answering any of my questions. I had to email them again, even though I asked for someone to call me- no one ever called me. I had to express the same concerns and frustration and adding to that express the lack of communication and being sent a generic email that did not pertain to my questions. They did send another email back, again not helpful. Again, not responding to any of my questions. Finally I sent a third email and said I will be contacting the better business bureau. I think spending over $80 and having to wait this long is absolutely rediculous. They had very poor customer service and communication with me. I am saddened by their responses or should I say lack thereof. I understand they are a small business, however this is unacceptable. I will not be purchasing from EC again. My order is now in “quality control”. Good look girls. Oh, and I will spend the extra time to write to the BBB, because my time and money are valuable to me.

  8. You are spot with everything you said. It is so sad that a company with as much potential Erin Condren does, that they expect the customers to have to lower their expectations. My background is in quality control, managment and it seems that Erin Condren is missing that. It is really painful to me to see a company that does not address these types of issues more seriously. Someone mentioned previously that they are a 10 million dollar company, seems to me they could be a 20 million dollar company if they hire a few more people in the appropriate positions. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  9. I ordered a life planner along with several accessories (almost $200 order) a couple of weeks ago. Turnaround time exactly as quoted. 🙂 However, today I received an envelope with just a cover in it. Where is the rest of my stuff that I paid overnight shipping?! So frustrated. Not to mention that the colors on the cover were wrong on top of it all. Can’t get through by phone because they don’t take calls. E-mailed as well as reported errors on each item. Hope to hear back tomorrow. It’s so frustrating. I have to say though- this is my eighth order with them and the only mistake that’s ever happened, so that’s a plus. But you knooooow how excited we get for our planners! Tracking it all day from work and imagine the disappointment when all I saw was a skinny envelope. Sigh. I have heard great things about EC righting their wrongs, so I’m sure it’ll all be fine in the end. It’s a fabulous product. Crossing my fingers to hear back tomorrow from them.

  10. I’m upset that they don’t require a signature for express ,especially if resident is a condo or apartment.so frustrated that fedex claimed it was delivered and I haven’t received it. I feel Ec is at fault for not requesting a signature.

    • Hi Emily,

      I’m experiencing the same issue with Fed Ex claiming they delivered the package but I haven’t gotten in. I agree Erin Condren should request signatures during delivery. I live in Brooklyn, Ny so I run the risk of someone walking off with my merchandise. Did you receive your package or did EC have to send you a new one?

  11. I know this thread has been going for a while but I wanted to add my comment too. I order on 29th December.. no communication from EC to say there were any issues and after my ship date of 7th had passed I noticed my order was still on ‘Quality Control’ so I contacted them. They said that there was a tiny flaw in my planner and it had been sent back to re-print… fine, but could someone not have emailed to let me know? For the trouble they said that it would be sent FedEx Priory (I live in the UK and only paid for standard delivery which was $10 less) OK great I thought only another few days and it should be here. It was supposedly sent on 15th January due for delivery between (18th and 20th Jan) it’s now the 25th and still nothing. I’ve emailed support and they say that there is no tracking information for my order and will investigate and get back to me. I’m not holding my breath. But I WILL keep emailing and I WILL get my planner because no matter how much I complain, I still really, really want it! Maybe that’s silly, maybe that’s my OCD but I know in the end I will be utterly delighted when I receive it.

    • I’m having similar issues. I ordered mine, paid for 2-3 day shipping, everyone I’ve asked that ordered around the same time and paid regular shipping has already received their’s OR it’s been shipped and mine is in the “Ready to Ship” status. This is my first order and I ordered the “good to go” planner without any personalization whatsoever. And what I take away from it being “good to go” is that the planner is already printed and bound, ready to ship. That’s what Erin Condren claims in her YouTube video about it. And yet I’m still waiting for shipping to be confirmed.

    • Hi Steph I know its been a while but interested to find out how your problems were resolved? I’ve just received my first EC order but its the wrong order!! someone else’s order complete with their contact details… that means that my order is now in the hands of someone else with all my personal details?!

  12. ..you got everything right! not to mention the Canadian customs bill you get upon arrival that no one warns you about. If they do send you the “fixed” item, you still end up paying for their mistakes.

  13. Thanks for this post. All I ever heard was rave reviews about those Erin Condren planners, so I eagerly ordered one, along with several accessories. What happened next…. well let’s just say I have felt like I am down the rabbit hole and at the tea party dealing with these people… any minute the Mad Hatter will come hopping by. Your post has encouraged me that I am not alone and that I am not nuts!

  14. Going on four weeks and still waiting for my planner. Customer service doesn’t exist. I won’t order from them again.

  15. Hi. I have placed four orders with Erin Condren. I have had nothing but TERRIBLE customer service experiences. Right now I am in the middle of having a terrible time with them. All I want is for a customer service supervisor to call me. I am having zero luck. Do you know any tricks? If they can’t resolve this, I will have to stop buying their products. I am so unhappy with the customer service.

  16. I am so glad I found your post. I tried to find your facebook page; could you post the link? I too am extremely frustrated with the wait time/shipping speed of Erin Condren. After watching YouTube video after YouTube video; pinning away on Pintrest; following blogs; I purchased my first EC LP on the day of their launch, as soon at it launched; June 9th, 2015. My expected shipping date was June 17th. I check online, and my order was still pending that day. I checked this morning, the 18th, and my order has been sent to production.

    I am very disappointed that no one informed me that there would be a delay in shipping and upon receiving my order. I spent about $150 for a planner (and accessories) because I read/watched so many reviews. It seemed like this planner would be the solution to my organization. I am growing weary of when I will actually be able to physically have my planner in my hands. I think for as much as we are paying for these planners there should never be a discrepancy in shipping at all. I can understand that problems can arise, but with what they are charging us for a book -of what is essentially consists of paper- then they should strongly work on avoiding them. I wanted to order one for my mother’s birthday in Dec. It looks like this needs to be order by Oct just so it can get here on time. I really want to love EC, but right now my resentment is growing out of their lack of appreciation for their customers and their customer’s hard earned money. I hate bad customer service.

    • I could not agree more. I could have written your post. I can top it actually, I ordered no personalization and purchased a ready to ship on launch day and it still hasn’t shipped! Ridiculous. EC knows the growing success of these books and even opened another distribution center so how come the same issues are still happening? It is frustrating and disappointing. I ordered mine on launch day so I would have it in time for a business trip I leave for on Thursday. Obviously not going to happen!

      • I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine still waiting when you ordered on launch day. There is something very WRONG with the company when these things are still happening. It baffles me all the time. I’m so sorry you’re still waiting.

  17. I recently received my first life planner in the mail. I was so excited to open it and then so quickly disappointed. They got my colors wrong and I know it’s silly, but it was hard for me to even enjoy my planner when it wasn’t the way I had ordered it. Hopefully it will get resolved soon, but I feel like a little kid who doesn’t want to eat a broken cookie.

  18. Hello. I ordered a planner, but when I got a package I found that they sent me another planner, not the planner I ordered. When I emailed them, they promised to send me the planner I ordered and recently I got it. Could you tell me please, should I send them the first planner back? If so, can I ask them to pay for shipping?
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  19. I ordered my second EC planner this past launch day and it shipped a day or two before it was supposed to. I waited anxiously for my planner to arrive; they never updated my order with any tracking information–there was no communication with me at all from the point that I placed my order. I had to create an account with FedEx in order to see that my planner was on its way. I was so excited when it finally did arrive but that excitement turned to frustration within seconds of opening the box. My personalized cover was beautiful, but the planner coil was messed up and it was IMPOSSIBLE to turn the pages. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to get into planning and I wanted to love my personalized planner. I even spent weeks buying stickers and things to decorate my planner with. I did email EC customer service a couple times and I submitted pictures of my planner and the coil; at first they said they did not receive the pictures, so I had to send them again. Now my account says “Error to Print” by the order number and approximate ship date June 26, 2015. I guess this means they are sending me a new one? Again, no communication from EC. This is such a dreadful process.

    • Deanne, I had the same issue! I received my planner but had the same issue with the coil. I have been in touch with customer service but it is a very frustrating process. I only receive responses early in the morning, and despite reply immediately after receipt of their response, I have to wait a full day for another response. They finally had me go through the steps to request a refund, but when I printed the return label, it printed on multiple pages. There is a link to reprint it, but it does not do anything when I click it. I’ve reached out to customer service again, but I am frustrated that now I will have to wait another 24 hours to get a response. This planner starts in July, and now it’s July 1st and I’m without a planner. Seems like I’m going to be without one until August, which discourages me from reordering. Is there a customer service number? I haven’t been able to find one but maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough! :/

      • I ordered my “ready to ship” EC on June 9th. It’s still days processing. This is my second year of trying to love this company. It took 6 weeks last year. No reason for it. BTW, I paid for expedited processing thinking that may help this year to no avail. I’m done. This will be my last order with EC.

      • Betty,

        I don’t think there is a customer service phone number. If so, I believe (just from reading other articles online) it will direct you to email them through the website. It’s crazy that there is only one way to speak to an Erin Condren representative considering how many issues people seem to have with the products they receive and how fast the company is growing. I mean, they produce so many planners!

        I did receive a new planner after reaching out to customer service. It took 6 days to reprint and an additional 5 days for delivery. When I received the planner it was just the inner portion–the pages and stickers–in a new coil. The coil was definitely in better shape than the first time; I can actually turn the pages now.

        After all that was said and done I found a water bubble in my Erin Condren planner cover. Seriously? After paying over $100 for everything I just want it to work the way it’s supposed to and look nice at least for a couple months.

        Good luck with everything!!

  20. Thank God its not just me!! I was so excited to get my planner. I ordered it early. As many have said i spent a ton on everything…and it arrived…and my excitement was squelched. They left out items. My layout was wrong. And then the insanity started…
    -They only respond one email per day.
    – they ask the most miniscule mind numbing questions about the problem. Its been 7 emails from them just to get the correct layout. All I wanted was vertical instead of horizontal. Everyday I get mond numbing questions asking the same thing over and over. I’ve always been polite but I’m at the point where I want to just scream send me a damn vertical layout please! I guess I’m giving up I’m getting the correct items that were missing. Their customer service is horrendous regardless if its a small or large company. Any company that charges this much should have a better customer service in place.

    • The emails are ridiculous. I received one this morning asking for a screen shot of the problem – with printing my shipping label. So now it will be at least tomorrow before I get a response, which means I probably can’t ship this back until next week. I was planning to reorder but at this point, I think I am just going to return and see if I can pick one up at Staples, I discovered the other day that the Staples near me has them. Doesn’t come with the ruler, and other small items, but it’s $10 less and I don’t have to pay for shipping (and can make sure it’s not damage before buying). If I do that, and love the planner, then maybe I’ll consider doing a personalized one next time. But right now, I’m just about fed up. Like you said, for the amount they charge, they should have a much better customer service… like even a phone number?!

  21. I ordered my LP a week ago and I had no idea any of these issues existed. I’ve been curiously watching the days go by as my order still says pending. I suppose I’m being optimistic in hoping to receive my EC LP by the end of August. Hopefully it all goes smoothly…EEK!

  22. I’ve been looking at EC planner reviews for a while and practically drooling before finally ordering it. NO ONE who did a review (especially on Youtube) ever mentioned the horrible customer service! EC shipped my planner quickly but fedex made a colossal mistake in delivering. I live literally 30-45 minutes away from EC HQ in California and my package went all the way to MARYLAND! I contacted EC many times and each time they promised that they are remaking the planner and will expedite with an overnight shipping. If EC doesn’t charge for shipping, maybe I would’ve been more understanding but they charge even for ground.
    After 12 days, the original planner arrived but I never heard from their customer service again about the “replacement planner”. I think they just gave me empty promises until my original package arrived. I don’t need a second one. It’s just messed up to be promised a solution and was just given bullsh*t instead.

    • They really have the WORST customer service! After a lot of back and forth, and submitting multiple return requests, I finally got my return shipping label and sent the damaged planner back. There is no way to track your return on their site. I emailed customer service to see if it had been received, they confirmed that it had and I would receive a credit. The next day I received another email asking if I wanted to reorder a new one, get a store credit, or a refund, after I’ve already told them several times that I did not want to reorder it. I finally received my refund today!

  23. I am new to EC and ordered July 6 with a ship date of July 31. I just had a bad feeling about this process and decided to email them on July 28 requesting an update. They gave me a standard email reply that EC wants to make the best product and it takes time. I emailed again wanting a specific answer. The reply came on July 30 saying my planner would not be shipped on JULY 31 because of a plant production problem regarding the metallic covers. They said they couldn’t give me a time frame for a new shipping date! (However, they didn’t have a problem charging my account, asap.) I don’t believe that I’ll order from EC again because the wait and frustration is not worth it to me. If a company charges a higher fee for a product that has many competitors than one expects great quality, service, & a better than standard receipt/shipping of product. I really wanted to love EC. I don’t.

  24. hi i literly just reseved my first ec planner but i ordered the horizontal but i got the vertical im not to upset bc the vertical is easier to get stickers for but id rather the horizontal but its friday and they arnt open till monday and im really sad now bc i was so exited to start planning i hope the process is smooth but ive herd so many horror stories

  25. This is a very accurate post and not at all pessimistic. I’ve now purchased 2 planners. The first I paid for expedited shipping and the shipping took 18 days instead of 3-5. When I got it the colors were wrong, but it was pretty so I kept it and didn’t complain. Then 2 weeks later before even using the planner (had been sitting in the box) when I went to use it there were air bubbles throughout the lamination. I then purchased a replacement cover that also arrived with air bubbles.
    I just got my new planner (after FedEx apparently lost the package but it arrived anyway) and it also has airbubbles in it. I’ve used the methods on the Erin Condren youtube video and none worked. I find myself wondering why I keep ordering….

  26. I’ve ordered a few times, my first planner was fine but my last few orders have had major issues. Once over half my order was missing, most recently they left out one item, and, last spring, my husband ordered me a gift of the deluxe notebook and inside the personalized cover he created was the guts of a lifeplanner instead. So far, everything has been remedied one way or another but it hasn’t been ideal and is very frustrating (especially because the packing slips in the shipments are always correct). With the most recent error I’m mostly just disappointed and sad that I’m afraid to order anything from them again.

  27. I hope you’re right. I’m on my fourth Erin Condren. The first two orders went flawlessly. The third had a misprint. They put “Mrs.” instead of “Miss.” It wasn’t that big of a deal to me as I’m not in my 20’s anymore and it’s just my teacher planner. Then the next order came and there was again a quality issue. A small air bubble on the front cover. Very noticeable against the dark blue background. I’m hoping they will send me a replacement cover because these things only end up growing larger.

  28. After I noticed the delay in my teacher planner that was ordered 2 weeks ago, I started searching to see if other people had problems as well. To my dismay, I discovered I was not alone. I teach abroad and ordered a personalized teacher planner to bring back with me to Italy (I’m here visiting family in California). It indicated it would be ready in time or I would have picked one that was ready to ship. After an email was sentl expressing my unique situation, I received an automated response. This company does not value good service. I encourage people to report them to the Better Business Bureau as it’s probably the only way they will step up their game. They currently have a “B rating,” with well over 100 complaints.

  29. Dear everyone who is experiencing frustration with Erin Condren: You have the right, as a consumer, to contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. If that doesn’t work then file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It sounds to me like this company is consistently failing as a reputable company and specific actions need to be taken. It is surprising to me that this company is still around with all of the complaints!

  30. Hi, thanks for the post. I received my planner today but is missing the perpetual calendar and the code to get a free cover. I hope they resolve my issue ASAP.

  31. I just completed my first order. When I placed the order my pictures were perfectly placed. I went back to review my order the pictures were completely off. I tried to locate a phone number to call customer service and nothing. I have emailed in hopes they will help me. It gets worse, I logged off and back in and now it doesn’t show an order for me. I have an email with an order number. I have wanted to order a planner for a while now and I finally do it and this happens. Feeling pretty discouraged!

  32. I really needed this pep talk today. I was excited about my planner and checked the FEdex tracker every few minutes once I saw it was out for delivery. My order is missing the picture on the back cover, second line on the front cover, and my deluxe notebook is nowhere to be found. I feel disappointed, but I’m hoping customer service will get it right. For as much money as we pay you would think the quality control would be much better.

  33. This post sort of scares me! I have heard a lot of girls at work just RAVE about their EC planners and after taking several looks at them, I finally ordered myself one! It was supposed to ship by today but I haven’t heard anything…. of course the waiting game is just TERRIBLE!!:) But when I checked on my order under pending orders, it says error-report beside each item…. is this anything to worry about?

  34. I’m so glad I found your post! I’ve had a bad feeling about EC since my first order was off but customerservice was quick to give me a $10 coupon so I didn’t Complain. My next order was fine but now my 3rd order didn’t seem right. When I took it out of the box the coil seemed wonky. Too big. I held it next to my planner from last year that actually has more pages and the coil is about twice the size?! What the?! Why? And the coil is off. It’s not o securely. It’s as off the persons who coiled it just didn’t feel like pulling it tight or making sure it wouldn’t snag. Not fun. Now I read these stories and I’m weary of evening dealing with the shady customer service. WhT company doesn’t have a number you can call?! Shady alert!!! And now I see there is a number u can schedule a calm with but the dates they give are weeks out!! Uh my problem will be solved by then, but I guess that’s what they are counting on!

  35. Oh my! I’m getting so nervous. I ordered my first planner Dec 26th. I did so much research on what planner was the best dispite the price. I failed to look for bad reviews. Now I’m regretting my order! I definitely can’t afford splurges and this was with Christmas money. Ugh. I hope it all works out….. I guess what really confuses me is how some bloggers raved about being contacted to vlog about an EC planner and received more than expected, yet all these regular joes get shafted. Special treatment?

  36. I just received my Erin Condten planner. I paid to have priority processing as well as priority shipping it took 14 days to get my planner and the pictures on the front of the are not my pictures… So frustrating! Meanwhile I am without a planner and waiting for someone to get back with me.

  37. I am so glad to have found your post! I never thought to look at reviews in regards to damage until today.. I just received my EC life planner only to be disappointed! The clear pouch in the back/end of the planner looks like someone cut into the top diagonally, and it’s cracked open! (Not the part that should open with the snap closure). Has anyone else had this problem? I also ordered a clutch and it seems to have a slit near the closure button. These may be minor issues as I can probably use tape to close the openings but this order was so disappointing! I submitted a report and included photos of the damages to customer service and I hope that they’ll respond!

  38. This post is spot on. Although my first order (my actual planner) arrived with no faults it was the most painful process. I placed an order on June 11th and cancelled it within a day because instead of the horizontal I had originally order I decided I wanted the vertical. They told me they couldn’t change the order but that they could cancel it and I could reorder. Fine, so they said they cancelled my order and I would receive a refund (don’t know why the money was even taken from my visa when it had been one day and no product was produced). So I reorder and I get my planner an its perfect. But the refund from the cancelled order had not shown up on my card. They told me it could take a couple days to process and up to 7-10 business days through my bank so I waited the maximum amount of time. No refund; this was now the end of June. The first week of July I contacted them again about my concern of not getting the refund, no response. I emailed them again in August, no response. I am in university studying to be a RN so once September hit my free time was pretty much non existent. I scanned my visa statements numerous times to ensure I had not missed the refund and it was not there. So finally in November, upon placing a second order for Christmas presents I got in contact with them. My Christmas order popped up ready for pickup at their location; I live in Canada so you can imagine my concern especially when I did not indicate I wanted to pick up my package and I paid for shipping. So I contacted them on this issue and I got a response, they told me it was a mistake and the package had been sent. So why I have someone contacting me, I confronted them about my previous issue with the refund and finally we got somewhere. Very disappointed it took another minor issue to get through to them about a refund on an order placed five months previous. So they informed me that the refund had not processed back in June and since it had been 60 days they could not refund my visa and could only provide me with credit. As you can imagine I was quite angry because this was not my fault and I had tried to contact them twice more within the 60 day period. So they offered to refund a paypal account which I accepted. They put the refund through and said they would get back to me. Two weeks no response. So I very assertively contacted them again, and they put the refund through again and the refund was in my paypal account within two hours. 6 months later in December I had finally received my refund and all I can say is wow. Then to top it off when i received the Christmas order after I had given a cover as a gift, the teeth to attach it to the coil are cut crooked and won’t stay attached. And you guessed it I am in another painful customer service battle to get this fixed, and I can honestly say as much as I love my EC, I think this is the last straw. The money I pay for their products and to have to deal with this crap every time I get something is just not worth it. As much as EC has grown in recent years you’d think their customer service and quality control would have evolved too. Other companies have put out products that interest me much more than having to deal with this nonsense. So for those of you that say, this post is discouraging and not practical; I envy you for having such a great experience. I should not have to put in this much effort to get what I deserve from a company like EC. The writer of the post speaks the honest truth, and I have heard of many experiences like mine from other EC lovers. Great post, just up to the buyer to decide when enough is enough.

  39. I ordered my first planner. It had arrived and my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The back has a random white piece of paper sticking out of the lamination, so it did not seal and will now come apart. I hope they can help!

  40. I am from Sydney and I was planning for the rest of the month of april, I just realised that the last week was missing, the month of APRIL end on the 24th, I ended up checking the rest of the months and guess what, they are all missing the last week or two! how ridiculous.

  41. Got my planner last week and flipped through tonight to mark custody dates. The page was Aug 12 was upside down. Not sure if there are any other errors.

    I’ve had small issues with the other two orders I placed too but they were just things EC didn’t send. No clue what to do with an upside down page.

  42. Great article, so glad I found it! I’m a newbie and was starting to wonder what was going on at EC as it’s been 15 days and my order status is still in progress. I’ve only customized the cover with my initials so it’s a bit ridiculous to wait this long. We’ll see if there are any errors, I’ll have to order well in advance IF purchase from EC again.

  43. I was an idiot an didn’t check my planner when I purchased it in September of 2016. It’s now February of 2017 and I just discovered that the entire month of April is missing and the only thing they have offered me is a code for free shipping if I would like to purchase a new one. I’ve been using their planners for three years and I am so disappointed.

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