Just Say Wow!!

Hands down, this is one of the nicest covers I’ve seen yet!! ┬áThe beauty of the Erin Condren brand is that you can truly customize it and make it something that nobody else has!

By using the “Picture This Full Frame” design, you can design everything about your own cover, and then upload the photo to be used as the cover of your planner or notebook!

I think this one turned out so cute, so fun, and so personalized!!


The front and the back are both unique, and both originally designed!



Thank you April Lewis for designing such a stunning cover, and for letting me share it here on my blog!!

My Favorite “New” Cover 2014-2015

It was with much anticipation that we all waited to see what the new designs would be for the new Erin Condren Life Planners. I knew what I wanted for my cover this year (Candylace in Butter with multicolor dots), but I left enough room in my flexibility to choose a different one if something left me absolutely smitten.

I was almost smitten with Jolly Jester!


Of all the new designs, this one caught my attention the most. I might order it as a second cover. I think it looks whimsical, yet classy. It reminds me of a stained glass window, something I can look at for hours and never tire of the colors and designs.

I think the multi color in this design is fun and playful, but it never comes across as “cutesy” or too childish.

I won’t be surprised if I order this cover sometime this year. It’s simple, classic, and cheerful, qualities that any person would love to carry around!!