My Collection

I think there can never be too many planners and notebooks! This is my collection…


I learned about EC in August 2013. Now almost a year later, this!!

From L-R, my ECLP, my dog business notebook, original dog planner repurposed as food/exercise journal (decided notebook would suit my needs better for dog business), used planner repurposed for RAK group, bottom row…family journal to just jot down the answered prayers and really good stuff to be thankful for in the family, used Keep It Simple notebook, and finally, a used 5 year journal that I haven’t done anything with yet. I am not doing the 5 year journal, so this will probably be my new RAK notebook once the other one is filled up. I’m excited that I can just order a new cover and truly make the notebook mine!

I also have an address book which I forgot to put in the photo.


I love all these products and can’t wait for my 9th book to arrive, my Life Planner for 2014-2015!!

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