My Perpetual Calendar

In last year’s planner I tried repurposing the perpetual calendar in several ways. First, it was for all things money. I found it to be too narrow to record every single transaction.

Then I used it for a Gratitude Journal. That worked well, but I still wasn’t settled, so I tried using it for an exercise log. That was a miserable failure.

I then decided I would use it for a Bible reading log. That was another miserable failure. At that point, I decided to come full circle and use it for money again, but not so much cash flow, but a calendar for bills that were due.

That worked!

I am using the perpetual calendar in my new planner for the same thing.


I’ve written down all the known bills on the days they are due (July is reflecting some credit card bills that we are finally paying off, so such high payments are actually not normal). Then as the month progresses, I add new bills or spending so I can really see where the money is going. I’m just getting started for July, so it’s rather empty now. But as the month unfolds, the lines will fill up and I will have a nice record of where our money went as well as a guideline for when the bills are due.

I used my new coil clips to attach the perpetual calendar to the front of my planner (thank you Amanda Schick for the idea)!!


This is the perfect place for it as it blends right in with the cover page and it’s barely even noticeable!

I’m really happy that the perpetual calendar is separate and I have the option to own more than one each year. I have one for our business cash flow and another for birthdays, etc.

I read that one lady will use hers for appointments to stash in her purse since she doesn’t carry her planner around with her everywhere. I loved that idea as well!

Tell me how you plan to use your perpetual calendar! Leave a comment and I’ll enter you into a drawing for 2 free coil clips, so you can attach yours inside your planner as well!!

(Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 8th at 6pm)