My Perpetual Calendar

In last year’s planner I tried repurposing the perpetual calendar in several ways. First, it was for all things money. I found it to be too narrow to record every single transaction.

Then I used it for a Gratitude Journal. That worked well, but I still wasn’t settled, so I tried using it for an exercise log. That was a miserable failure.

I then decided I would use it for a Bible reading log. That was another miserable failure. At that point, I decided to come full circle and use it for money again, but not so much cash flow, but a calendar for bills that were due.

That worked!

I am using the perpetual calendar in my new planner for the same thing.


I’ve written down all the known bills on the days they are due (July is reflecting some credit card bills that we are finally paying off, so such high payments are actually not normal). Then as the month progresses, I add new bills or spending so I can really see where the money is going. I’m just getting started for July, so it’s rather empty now. But as the month unfolds, the lines will fill up and I will have a nice record of where our money went as well as a guideline for when the bills are due.

I used my new coil clips to attach the perpetual calendar to the front of my planner (thank you Amanda Schick for the idea)!!


This is the perfect place for it as it blends right in with the cover page and it’s barely even noticeable!

I’m really happy that the perpetual calendar is separate and I have the option to own more than one each year. I have one for our business cash flow and another for birthdays, etc.

I read that one lady will use hers for appointments to stash in her purse since she doesn’t carry her planner around with her everywhere. I loved that idea as well!

Tell me how you plan to use your perpetual calendar! Leave a comment and I’ll enter you into a drawing for 2 free coil clips, so you can attach yours inside your planner as well!!

(Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 8th at 6pm)

49 thoughts on “My Perpetual Calendar

  1. I use mines as a Thankful journal. I never thought to attach it to the front what a great idea!

    The appointment book is a good idea I just don’t have that many

  2. I think I am going to put mine in my purse to use as an on-the-go planner – that will work great since I don’t carry my planner with me.

  3. I really like this idea! When I get my new planner. I hope to use it for pretty much the same thing. I might repurpose it to keep track of my sales (Etsy), I am not sure yet. I have some time though. My current planner goes through December so, I won’t order until then šŸ™‚

  4. I just received my ECLP, so I haven’t filled out anything yet. I’m blown away and inspired by the way people are using theirs. I never thought to use it in any other way but for birthdays. I think that I am going to use mine as a way to keep track of spending and paying bills. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  5. I’m using mine the same way, bills due, recurring and some that I am trying to pay ahead. Good luck with getting credit card bills down, that’s been a huge goal of mine this year too.

  6. Using mine for garden rules. Such as dead head the rhodies by the second week in June or trim the roses by the end of February.

  7. I plan to use mine in a way very similar to you, except I’ll be using it to keep our virtual “envelope method” to budgeting in balance. Using the could clips is a FAB idea!! I don’t have any though ;-(

  8. Ok, I’ll be the one to ask….is the perpetual calender something new? I have the 2014 planner and it just has the “special dates” pages in the front. Your picture shows something a bit smaller than the planner size. Can you explain? Thanks Kristy!

  9. I will use it to track spending and my daughters dance fees. She’s a company dancer and I want to track all the expenditures we get charged šŸ™‚

  10. I am going to use mine for two things: important dates (birthdays and such) And, I read somewhere (might have even been your idea, Kristy), that someone was going to use theirs as a way to keep up with ideas for things to blog about and such… I started a new blog about my weight loss journey and I plan to use mine to jot down things I want to remember when I am not at my computer or able to blog about right away and how I am doing on my journey to becoming a lesser woman šŸ™‚

  11. I will use one of mine to use in my purse because I don’t carry my planner with me everywhere. I got the idea from Kristy from one of her groups and I will use I for my finances.

  12. I plan to use one for a running lost of photos (I take one photo everyday) then one for appointments as suggested, love that idea!!! Write them in pencil so I can reuse next year and keep important or regular contact info with me as well.

  13. I was working on my planner and was writing my suppers for the week and an idea came to mind, you could also use a perpetual calendar for your menu plans, not sure if I will but thought I would share the idea.

  14. I will use mine for birthdays and anniversairies. I love the idea on attaching it with coil clips to the front of the planner. I also enjoy hearing what others are using the calendar for!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. I plan on using mine as a birthday and anniversary tracker. But I’m thinking I may need a new one each year because I always write the age someone is turning or how many years married next to their names(s)!

  16. I plan to put birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family in one color and birthdays of my students at school in another color. I will check monthly and add to my weekly pages to call, get gifts, etc. so I don’t forget birthdays. At school, I plan on at the very least telling each student “Happy birthday” if not getting something to give out for student birthdays.

  17. I love the way you repurposed it – such great ideas! As this is my first, I think I am going to use it for its intended purpose but may get another for financial tracking.

  18. I use one for birthdays and anniversarys. I have another one in the way that I will use for bills that are due. But yet I want another one to keep for appointments. I often lose the cards and reminders they give me. šŸ™‚

  19. I’m boring, i use it for the birthdays! (But I have a HUGE amount of b-days to track with the family and then friends!) I wish EC would’ve included the clips WITH them…I kinda liked it in the front where I could reference without it taking up space in my folder!

  20. I plan to use mine to show bills due. Also to document our debt snowball that we are doing to reach our goals of becoming debt free by 2015!!!!!

  21. I will use mine for party dates for my DS business, I am also considering purchasing a second one for a cleaning schedule to keep track of what I need to do and what days to water the plants.

  22. Great idea, Kristy! I am an event planner, so I am going to use mine to block off days that events are taking place for work.

  23. I will be using mine for appointments, birthdays, and for my 31 parties! I am so excited about the perpetual calendar! It will be nice to not share too much info about my personal life when sitting down with someone to make plans! šŸ™‚

  24. I am expecting my planner to arrive tomorrow so I have not had a chance to get a good grip on what to do with it yet. I was going to order some bill planner/payment sheets to add to my planner. I like the idea of using what us already there. I will give that a try!

  25. Oooo, I love the idea of attaching it with the coil clips. I’ll use mine for the contacts that are most important to me, and for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays that don’t change (like Christmas and Valentine’s Day).

  26. Great ideas! I just ordered my first EC last week and you gave me great ideas on how I can think outside the box to use the perpetual calendar..thank you!

  27. I will use mine as a Birthday / Anniversary calendar. I will also have a sticky note inside of each month to post appointments that are made while in the office – then post in my new EC LP šŸ™‚ Can’t wait.

  28. I plan on using mine to keep track of all of my entertainment dates. TV show premiers, movie release dates, concerts etc. This is all info I want to keep track of, but can make the regular planner pages look cluttered, especially during premier season.

  29. Hello! Ordered my first EC life planner. So excited but was thinking I could use the perpetual
    Planner for bills as well. How do you attach it to the front? Thanks!

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