Weather Stickers

One of my favorite things in my planner are these weather stickers by Trend. I bought mine on Amazon, and they are generally considered a teacher supply item.


I place one each day just to the right of the date on my weekly spread.


It’s summertime so it’s been nice and sunny for several weeks!


Right now I’m using a lot of Sunshine stickers, but soon our weather will provide opportunities to use the raindrop, clouds, and snowflakes. I only use the rainbows if I see a rainbow, so I’m trying to think of other reasons to use it, since it’s such a cute sticker.


This is my weather “key”, which is back in the notes section of my planner.


I can’t wait to have an entire yearly record of the weather. It’s just a fun little extra tidbit I’ve added to my planner this year.

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