Functional Family Reward Cards

First, I’d like to welcome all the new readers! Every day more people follow this blog, so it’s about time I actually posted something!

I still love my Life Planner, and use it daily. I chose Candy lace this year, in Butter with multi colored dots.


I love it so much, I ordered a Party Pops in Multi on a Butter background, and the Sequins cover in Multi, with a Butter background. I can’t wait to see if they turn out!

But on to the topic of my post…

I have enjoyed trying other products from the EC brand, and I’d like to talk about the Functional Family Reward Cards.



I first ordered these for my son, to try and motivate him to do some work around the house. I’m not sure it worked, but that didn’t stop me from ordering them for each person in our family.



I have found that my favorite use for these cards is for repeat chores or jobs that are performed for a monetary reward. For us, we are keeping track of puppy baths since that is something that must be done regularly around here! I have them hanging on the fridge so they are easy to see and maintain when a chore has been completed.


Once the card is filled, payment will be made and another card will be started. This has really helped my kids be responsible about keeping track of what they’ve done, and it keeps me accountable to actually pay them.

The cards can be used for so many things. I think they would make a cute Christmas gift with a special service offered like a back rub, or a favorite dessert, or anything that fits your family’s wants/needs. The “card holder” could cash it in and receive whatever is offered as the gift, etc. Each card has ten “punches”, and the creative ways in which these can be used is endless!!

Each pack can be customized with a name/word and you can choose any color. There are 30 cards in each pack.

If you have a creative way that you are using these cards, I want to hear about it! Send me an email and tell me your story. Be sure to include some photos as well!