Simple Water Tracking

I’m feeling like I may have stumbled onto a brilliant idea, and it came from my own head! Imagine that!!

I NEVER use this tiny calendar in the top left corner of the weekly spread.


I hate having any space wasted in this planner and now with the menu bookmark, I can truly use it for all areas of my life…personal and family, business (bottom lines are dedicated to that), meals (on the bookmark), but I need a place to track my water intake.

I’ve used the water drop stickers, and while I liked those, adding them on the same spot each day added bulk to my planner and if I failed one day to drink any water, I hated wasting a sticker as I would already have the sticker on the weekly column. I also don’t have space for a water sticker each day, or rather I don’t want to dedicate a sticker’s worth of space for just that.

Well, I just had this idea and I think I love it. I used an old box to do a mock up, and I used different marks to see which one I might like best. I worked down, so each day accounts for itself, and I used the letter of the day on top and put an extra mark below to make space for my “8 cups”.


I think this is going to work! I wish I had tried drawing little hearts too, but with what I tried, I think I like the tiny checkmarks and the zig zag line best.

I love that this won’t add bulk, it’s already there, and this seems super easy to maintain!!

I love simple and easy!

5 thoughts on “Simple Water Tracking

  1. Instead of a sharpie, you might try a wet erase marker. (Like dry erase, but you have to use water to get the writing off — a bit on a paper towel will do it..) I don’t know if the surface is quite right, but it’s a thought, anyway.

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