New Menu Planning Bookmark

EC has a few new products and of course I had to order all of them.

The one I’m most excited about is the menu planning bookmark. I got right to work planning our menu for this upcoming week.


EC suggests using a Sharpie to write on the bookmark, so I have used a Sharpie fine point marker. It writes really nicely and dries almost immediately and there is no smearing at all.

I use the back side of the bookmark to list those things I need to work into our meals, that will go bad in the fridge or on the counter. I have been really bad about food spoiling in the fridge, so I’m hoping having this list will make a difference.


But then there was a problem with removing the ink. I tried using rubbing alcohol and it left an ugly black residue, even after some serious scrubbing. With my list being foods to eat, once we’ve eaten it, I need to be able to remove the food and add something else in it’s place.

I asked in the MyEC groups and got a ton of suggestions, but the one that I like best, and will work best for me is using a simple click eraser stick!


I am able to remove just one line if necessary, and it’s not messy at all!! This will allow me to add and remove things from the list in no particular order, and I have high hopes for this tool in my planner.

I’m using the tiny space, next to each day, to list anything that might require a more special meal, or special event surrounding a meal, just anything that needs more attention for that meal.

I think this is going to be a super useful item in my planning routine, and hopefully we will eat more and spend less in the process!

And it looks super cute in the planner!!


19 thoughts on “New Menu Planning Bookmark

  1. I just used my meal planner for the first time today, then tried to wipe clean & its awful. How did you end up getting yours clean?

  2. What were some of the other suggestions you received to remove sharpie? I have the same issue with the menu and to-do list dashboards.

  3. Are you a vegan too? Cool! I need to get my hands on that eraser. I’ve found one place that sells Sharpies, I think I’ll buy one set. (If I can still find it.) (I’m from Finland, in case you were wondering why I can’t find Sharpies at all places. :P)

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