Recording The Weather

All those little weather stickers are so cute in the planners. Think of the personal Almanac you can create by keeping track of the weather each day.

Aww, look! The weather on Thanksgiving day!


But let’s be realistic! It’s super easy for a day to go by and the weather doesn’t even cross your mind.

Or even a whole week can go by…


Or, the sticker gets placed because you can look outside and SEE what is happening, but you forget to check the weather app and write anything down!


This is my solution…

I have an alarm set on my phone at noon each day. When it rings, I open my weather app and take a screen shot.


(I already deleted today’s photo for my cold weather, but found this on my phone from a few days ago. I was dreaming of warmth and sunshine and took this screenshot of LA!)

But back to my reality…after the screenshot, I will put up the sticker and high and low temps later in the day. This allows me to get to it later, even if it’s a couple days. Once I’ve posted the temps, I delete the photo.

I also put a check box where the sticker goes and that reminds me to do it as well.



I love using the weather stickers in my planner, and now, I don’t think any days will be able to sneak by!


If you are new to the weather stickers, they come with 8 sheets in a pack and they are by Trend Enterprises. I bought mine on Amazon and at my local school supply store.