I Ordered!

I am so ready for my new planner!!

I ordered early this morning, an hour before things were officially opened, so I missed out on the FREESHIP code for free shipping with a $100 or more order, but I’m too excited to care too much and I just can’t wait to get the new planners in my hands!

I got both the horizontal and vertical formats of the regular ready to ship planners and I got a horizontal Rose Gold planner. It was just too pretty to pass up and I’ve never splurged before with anything metallic.

I also ordered 2 of the new sticker books and asked for overnight shipping. I’m hoping I will have my items by Friday.

I’m in desperate need of my new planner as my note pages are all used and I need new space for my business addresses.

I’ll be sure to post photos when my box arrives! I’m excited about the new changes and I can’t wait to see the horizontal layout!

So until then…Happy Planning!!

3 thoughts on “I Ordered!

  1. I ordered mine yesterday too. I did the Life in Little Squares cover, vertical layout. I have been looking forward to the new planners since I spilled hot chocolate on mine. Dumped it right in my whole tote bag. I did exactly what EC planned for me to do with that $100 free shipping – I kept adding goodies to my cart – got a carryall clutch, photo stickers, and elastic bands. Can’t wait ’til it all arrives!

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