My Order Arrived

Erin Condren has stepped up her game!



I ordered 3 planners, the Rose Gold in horizontal, a regular horizontal for our business to do lists and daily log, and a vertical for me and our family life. I ordered 2 of the new sticker books as well and hands down, this is the best I’ve ever seen EC do.


The streamlined new version of the vertical is perfect. I thought it looked plain, it doesn’t. I love the familiar color palette and I’ll look forward to September as it does have a color change to it.



The horizontal is so much prettier in person. I didn’t care too much for the colors online, but they are so subtle and smooth in person. They are really pretty.

The Rose Gold looks like a shiny new copper penny. I am going to use that planner as a journal.


The sticker book…!! I’m glad I have another one on the way and I already have 2 in this order. The stickers are SOO gorgeous and the variety is amazing (In the next blog post, I will show every page of the new sticker book). I hope they do a lot more of this type of thing because their designers are great and I can tell I will be rationing the use of them because I won’t want to run out!

I am super happy. I ordered opening morning and I had my order in my hands by mid Friday. Everything was RTS (ready to ship) with nothing personalized, but that was a genius idea when it was Introduced before. I can’t wait to start using it!


8 thoughts on “My Order Arrived

  1. Lucky you! I ordered right away as well but unfotunately I live in Germany and it will take another week. I chose the 18 months rose gold edition. I would love a rose gold personalized cover which is not (yet?!) availalable. I really don’t know which additional covers to choose that go well with the rose gold. Any suggestions?

  2. You’re lucky it came that fast. I live in the lower 48 and ordered opening day and they’re estimating it won’t be here until Wednesday this week. That’s using their recommended “9.99” shipping rate too. 😦

  3. You’re so lucky it arrived already! I ordered launch day as soon as they were available and used the recommended shipping rate (9.99) and they’re telling me that it won’t be here until Wednesday. Thanks for sharing photos of yours and letting me live vicariously through your fun!

  4. I too ordered a “Ready to Ship” planner on launch day as well. In addition, I ordered a set of markers. I’m still waiting for my order which is “in production”. What is the point of having ready to ship planners if they aren’t shipped a few days after they’re ordered? Did they oversell the planners than they had available? If so, that’s just bad business. Very disappointed in EC.

    • One of the planner reviewers I watch on Youtube mentioned that she lived in Texas so they shipped from their new facility there and it got there the next day. I live in the Midwest, so I thought they’d probably ship from there too. Nope, California! I wonder what determines where they ship from. Any ideas?

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