Setting Up My New Planner (Planner Hack #2)

The worst part about getting a new planner is waiting to be able to use it!  July 1st can’t come soon enough so I decided to pursue “Plan B”.  

Since I took out all the weekly pages for August-December 2016, I thought that just maybe one of those months falls in the same pattern as June 2015, and I was right!

The August 2016 pages have the number dates on the correct week days, so when I took out August, I didn’t just tear it!

I snipped the page along the coil very carefully.  It was a while back when I discovered you could remove or add pages into the planner by snipping them carefully and feeding them back into the coil.  I like to think that EC got the idea of removable covers from all of us that were already snipping our pages, but I’m sure we will never know.


Then you just carefully place the tiny page tabs that were snipped back into the coil. It’s amazing how strong it still is and I have never had a page come out after doing this. 


I inserted my “June” pages before the month of July, and I’m ready to go!!   

Now, I can already use my new planner and I don’t mind that my “June” pages are yellow, when June is normally a different color. 

I am keeping it ultra simple this year and focusing on using everything from the Erin Condren brand only. 

Well, except for the sticky notes!!

If they would ever produce sticky notes, obviously I would buy them and use them too!


I use the sticky note when a date or appointment is not confirmed, or if I am going to journal something but I don’t have time just yet. 


These weeks will definitely fill up more, but I am not going to stress this year if there are white spaces. I am waiting for my planner launch bundle to arrive and then I will have a bit more color on my pages with the colored pens. I plan to use the pens for journaling only and my black Pilot G2 0.7 for everything else. 

Having a brand new planner is so refreshing!  Here is to another awesome year!!

11 thoughts on “Setting Up My New Planner (Planner Hack #2)

  1. Awesome idea!! I saw a post from EC on Instagram a few days ago and there as an item in the background that looked a lot like a clip in dashboard with sticky notes. Your EC sticky notes may be happening soon! 🙂

  2. Looks great Kristy! Thank you for the idea on snipping the pages out, I will definetly try that. Can I ask what pens you use to write on the decals, mine never show up dark enough? It just looks so organized and professional, you give great ideas and I love your writing too. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love how streamlined and clean your planner looks (not too busy). I was looking for ideas on how to use mine, and I think I’ll just use the EC stickers as well. I love how decorated some of the planners are I have seen, but all of the decor, and stickers would overwhelm me!

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