17 thoughts on “Horizontal Colors 2015-2016 Planner

  1. I just ordered my first EC planner for 2016. I ordered the horizontal because that is the kind of standard planner I have always used. I have big handwriting therefore the vertical made me nervous. However now I’m getting anxious about the colors of the horizontal. I don’t like to decorate too much and I’m worried that the “off” colors are going to force me to buy more sticker/washi to cover up the very expensive planner I just bought. I mean January as pink and red and February as peach. It will drive me crazy that things like that are slightly off and I guess I’m going to have to do a lot of covering up. Have I made a huge mistake buying the horizontal or this planner altogether????

  2. I recently purchased my first EC life planner. It has yet to come in fact. I ordered the horizontal layout as I have large handwriting and the vertical seemed to not accommodate. I have since become nervous about the horizontal layout color scheme. I guess I was unaware how different it was from the vertical. I don’t do a ton of decorating just themed stickers from the dollar tree. I am thinking red and pink for January and peach for February what???? I’m worried I’m going to spend half my time using washi/stickers to cover up a very expensive planner! have I made a mistake getting the horizontal? getting a $50 planner? Suggestions??

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