Brilliant Ideas!

I love being part of the EC community on FB and seeing all the ideas people come up with to make their planners function more efficiently. 

Every now and then, there is an idea that is really, really good, so I want to share those here!  Today there are three…

1.  Need Lines?

2.  Missing the month label on your daily pages?  

Removing the tiny calendar on the top left corner of the Vertical format left some of us wondering which month we are in if we are planning ahead, or if we don’t have the color palate memorized. I thought this was an excellent idea to simply write it in that tiny colored box on the bottom left of your daily pages. 

EC, if you’re seeing this, perhaps you can simply print the monthly name here for the 2016-2017 planners!

3. What to do about your notepad when you have removable covers?  



This tops the brilliance chart for me today. The notepads are designed to be stuck to the back cover of the planner. This worked well when the cover was permanent. But what to do if you change your cover?  This!

What a great way to have the flexibility of having a notepad when you need it, or removing it if you don’t need those extra pages for that event or that particular day. 

Thank you to all the ladies in my groups who are sharing their amazing ideas with all of us. And if you haven’t joined us yet, be sure to check out the family of “My Erin Condren” groups on Facebook. There should be at least one that you can call home!

My Erin Condren (MyEC)

My Erin Condren Simple (MyECS)

My Erin Condren (Newbies)

My Erin Condren (Horizontal)

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Ideas!

  1. These ideas are BRILLIANT! I will definately try coil clipping my notepads from now on and also writing the current month down at the bottom of the page. The coil clip thing is absolutely brilliant and I wonder why on earth I never thought about this 😀

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