Covering The Extra Days In The Monthly View

In the Erin Condren monthly layout, as in any monthly layout, there are too many boxes per number of days in the month. Most calendars simply leave these blank, but Erin Condren numbers the extra days from the precious month and for the following month. Here’s a look at November 2016.  

If you look closely, you’ll see October 30 & 31, as well as December 1-3. Let’s take a closer look.  



The dates are printed in a lighter grey than the numbers for the actual month, but I find this to be confusing while I’m doing my planning. 

In the past, I’ve simply used Bic Whiteout tape to cover those unnecessary numbers, but this year I’m handling this a little differently.  
This year, I am using the EC designer Washi sheets to create my own Washi tape to cover the extra numbers. 

First, grab a sheet that coordinates with your month and your paper cutter.  


I measure 1/4 inch and cut myself some strips! 


Then I cut my strips to fit across the length necessary to cover those extra boxes.  


Sometes I just need a tiny strip! 

I just have to cover those light grey numbers. I can’t have more than one month on my layout (*one exception to this rule that I will share soon).  

The finished look is simple, streamline, and it allows me to still use the box for important notes. This is my July calendar with 2 notes that pertain to multiple days in the month. I didn’t want to clutter my layout with Washi strips over the entire month for my daughter, so I simply used a blank box to write myself a little note.  

Here is the whole layout from my photo examples.  May happened to begin on a Monday, so I only needed my Washi strips along the bottom of this monthly spread. 

I love that I can cut my strips any thickness that I want. Skinny works best for me, so all of my strips so far are 1/4 inch.  

I can’t wait for June of 2016. The colors are so pretty together!


November also only needed strips across the bottom. 


I’ve enjoyed doing every month except for December. I have the Holiday Washi sheets (with the Christmas themes) in my cart and I’m waiting for the Teacher Planner launch to order because I know I will want the new sticker book that will be available then as well!

Here’s March. It required strips on both the bottom and the top! 


I’m loving my planner being only Erin Condren this year. It’s requiring me to be creative and utilize what supplies I have in many different ways!!


4 thoughts on “Covering The Extra Days In The Monthly View

  1. Such a great idea and also good looking. I’ve been wondering what to do with my washi sheets and now I know. Great tips! Thank you!
    What do you plan to use this years fewer notepages in the back for?
    Have a wonderful friday!

  2. Love how you coordinated these. I’ve got mine out away in the box for next year and you’re definitely making me want to prep all those monthly views. I’d probably use scrapbook paper and glue it down.

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