EC Stickies Dashboard

As soon as I saw that there were sticky notes, I knew I would have to have them!  I use sticky notes all the time in my planner and the EC brand looked super cute!

I had heard people saying that they didn’t love the dashboard because it made their planner too thick, so when mine arrived, it actually stayed in the package for a week. 

As I continued to use my planner I realized that turning to my pocket folder in the back wasn’t as easy this year because I’m not using a pen loop. In he past, I would always put my pen loop on the folder which made it very easy to turn directly to that place in my planner.  Bit this year I found myself struggling, having to flip to it in sections, and this was frustrating. 

I got the idea to put my sticky note dashboard right in front of the folder, and I love it!! 

The clear tab is perfect for grabbing when I want to get something out or put something into my folder.  


While having the dashboard in the mididle of my planner does make it fatter (and it already has “fat planner syndrome”), it doesn’t concentrate the bulk at the front where the teeth of the cover would be under more stress. 

I think I’m going to be very happy having this insert in this location!!

5 thoughts on “EC Stickies Dashboard

  1. Thanks so much for this tip. I love my dashboard in front of the folder better than in the front. Thanks again.

  2. Hi! I would really appreciate it if you could do a blog post about your descision of going back to using not only EC stickers but also other kinds. I’ve been debating the same thing my but haven’t made up my mind yet and would therefore love to read your thoughts on this matter. kind regards/Vanessa

  3. I am new to this EC Wonderland so maybe this is obvious – but does this fit into the Life Planner by snapping in somehow or is it just tucked into the pocket in the back? I can’t wait to geek out on your blog!

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