Keeping Track of Online Orders

Do you ever forget what you ordered online?  Or end up not being sure if everything you ordered has arrived or not?

This has been a problem for me but today I came up with a solution!

I decided to dedicate one of my note pages to “Online Orders”.  I used tiny checkbox squares from (they are out of stock right now but will be back in stock sometime in January), and made myself a cheerful list for keeping track!  Of course you could just draw boxes too!


  Then I decided that I needed more boxes in case I placed more orders than 24 in a year, so I added another row! 


A bit of rainbow Washi tape across the bottom, and the page is ready to go!!
Then I remembered a few more items I had ordered, and added them to the list!  


Now, when I place an online order, I’ll be sure to jot it down on this page, and then check it off once it arrives. 


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