Pre-Planning Solution

This is pure genius!

I wish I could take the credit for thinking of this, but someone else shared it in one of the MyEC groups and I don’t remember who it was!

Instead of using tiny sticky note flags to mark upcoming events, this gal shared that she used a Target  weekly notepad and attached it to her upcoming weekly pages with Washi tape (which is removable), and used that to scribble down the things in her schedule that weren’t set in stone yet, or at times when she didn’t have her planning supplies with her. This allowed for quick planning, without worrying about the layout or having to erase or delete something. 

This idea totally resonated with me and I took it one step further and used a large weekly sticky note and placed one in each weekly layout for the entire year!

It did not add too much bulk and I’m already using this space every single day for upcoming appointments and events. 


I love that I can scribble with whatever pen I have, and I can write down even those things that may not actually end up on my schedule. 

I went right out and bought a couple more pads at Target, and I ordered a few from Amazon!


I’m all set for the entire year now, and I have no worries that a tiny page flag will lose its stick and fall out before I write the event in the actual planner. 


This will also allow me to do the major planning all at once on Sunday evenings, and when I’m done, I will simply remove the large sheet and throw it away!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Planning Solution

  1. Where did you find these post its? I’ve looked all over Target and online and can’t find cute ones that aren’t super expensive!

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