Note Pages

This is a duplication of something I did last year that I absolutely loved!  I keep a list of things I’ve ordered online and check them off once they arrive. It’s so easy to forget what you ordered, and this completely keeps me on track so I don’t lose or forget anything. 

I plan to use the first 2 note pages for this purpose. They are kind of in front of the notes tab anyway, so this seems like a great place to nestle these two pages into my planner. 

The box stickers are from Krissyanne Designs. You’ll find that I’m a huge #kaddict (KAD addict) and I use a LOT of her stickers. 

If you want to get some of these check box stickers, it’s sheet KAD 478. These are the bold colors. They also come in pastel.

5 thoughts on “Note Pages

  1. I do something similar with my first notes pages, though I track my purchases in my monthly view. For my notes I write down shops I want to try out over the course of the year and check them off as I place my order! I get so many recommendations of shops to try that I needed a place to remember them. 🙂 I love those check boxes, though. I need to give that a try!

  2. Excellent Idea!! Now that I am buying more on-line this is a perfect way to keep track. Love the stickers too! I will be adding this to my planner Today!

  3. I love this idea and did it last year – just ordered the krissyanne stickers because my hand drawn boxes were awkward looking.

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