My 3 Planners

Yes, I’m one of those people that uses multiple planners. It just works better for me. I have too much going on and too many things to manage for it to all fit into 1 planner. I like to keep things pretty simple and have fun each week getting them set up to keep me on track in all areas of my life.


The Erin Condren hourly works best to show my main schedule of events. I block out my days and appointments in this planner. I reserve some time each day for “kennel” and my next planner is what I do during those blocks of time.


This planner is mainly for to do lists to keep my home, yard, and dog business in order. I love putting that little check mark in the box and I’m working on my consistency in getting everything done each day. I use the Flylady zones to stay focused each week and while I don’t get everything done, I try to hit the most important or dirtiest areas each day.


This planner has been my rock during my weight loss journey. Every night I plan my food for the next day. I track my steps and my water and I do core exercises almost every day. I’m also trying to regain some flexibility and not lose my ability to do a handstand.

Last week was a little hot and miss with tracking my food, but an immediate “rezoom” and I’m back on track.

Erin Condren planners bring me a lot of joy and they really are very functional for my lifestyle. I also use a Deluxe Monthly for my finances, but that will have to be another blog post!!

One thought on “My 3 Planners

  1. I am totally getting multiple planners next year, gonna do it with my first EC and notebooks this year, but already realizing it would be easier with multiple planners. Enjoying your posts. 🙂

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