IMG_7660Hi!  I’m Kristy and I saw my first Erin Condren Life Planner on August 11, 2013!  I immediately ordered my own that same day, and began to wait impatiently for it to arrive!  Thankfully, a Facebook group called “Erin Condren Fan Club” was started, and a small group of us began to share ideas, advice, and general knowledge about how to use our new planners!  It helped the time pass until the moment we each received our own special package in our mailboxes!

Our little group began to grow and Grow and GROW, until we reached 1000 members in less than 4 months!  It continues to grow, and has become an amazing community of friends that share a passion for Erin Condren Life Planners, organization, color, and exchanging ideas!  As an administrator for the group, I have truly enjoyed learning and being inspired by all of the wonderful women, and I want more people to hear their voices!

The purpose of this blog is to highlight how we each use our Erin Condren products, whether it be a Life Planner, Teacher Planner, Take Note! Notebook, Address Labels, Notepad, etc…  It is a place for each of us to share what works, what we love, and why we love it!!

Our colorful little books are way more than a simple planning tool…they become our heart and soul, our brain, and a preservation of the history of our days!  While I will share my thoughts regularly on these pages, I invite you to send me your inspirations, your photos, your stories, of how your Erin Condren products have blessed your life.  Show us all what works, how you have personalized something just for you, and share your knowledge and experience!  We want to see your ideas.  We want to hear your voice!

“My Erin Condren” is about YOU!  It is YOU speaking, and YOU sharing, and YOU inspiring all of us!  I can’t wait to take this journey with you!  ~Kristy