Decorated Note Pages

Suzanne Marie Scott from the My Erin Condren 2 group asked me how I used my pre-decorated note pages in my Life Planner.

They end up being overflow, as I don’t pre-designate them for anything specific like I do my lined note pages.

So far this year, I have used one page for blog ideas.


I’m somewhat non-committal as I have the ideas jotted down on sticky notes and not just straight onto the page!

But last year, my decorated note pages were definitely used. Here is what they contained!


Some fun ideas that I didn’t want to lose.


Detailed info about the Apple Pie fund-raiser that I was in charge of. This coming year, it will be easy peasy to pull this off because now I know exactly how much we need for the number of pies we want to make.


Blank page.


More blank pages!


List of people we sent graduation invites to. Now when my daughter graduates, I can quickly refer to this list and edit as necessary!


The birth of the RAK exchange.


The birth of the Washi Exchange.


And finally, some general info about RAKs either sent and/or received.

I guess I kept those decorated note pages pretty busy. Some of the info is worth keeping, some could be trash, but it’s all a record of my life, and I like that the Life Planner is not just a planner, but a record of life!

More Than Just Chores

Looking for some inspiration for your notes pages?  Try something bright and cheerful and colorful like Tanveer’s page!  Her cleaning schedule is full of smiles and laughter!  Who wouldn’t be motivated by turning to this page in their planner to see what awaits each day!!


Photo by Tanveer Najiullah

The Note pages are so versatile and waiting to be filled with whatever inspires you, moves you, or instructs you…to dream more, do more, BE more!!

Let these pages enhance your life.

Let them simplify your life.

Let them motivate your life.

Let them allow you to be creative, turning your Life Planner or Notebook into a personal record of your days and routines, habits and hopes!

Do you have something special that you use your note pages for?  I want to hear about it!  Submit a Blog Post to share your ideas with everyone!  We all want to hear from you!

I can’t wait to see what you have!!   ~Kristy


The note pages in the Erin Condren Life Planner can be bursting with life, as is the case with Teresa’s page below!  What a fabulous idea to keep a visual reminder of all the things that make you happy, all the things that bring a smile to your face, and all the things that find a spot under the affectionate heading – “Favorites”!!

A page like this is always a visual feast for the eyes, and each glance will highlight something different, and often just the thing you needed to see on “that” particular day!  It can be created all at once, or it can start with just one word in the middle, and as inspiration comes, other words can be added, doodles and drawings created, spreading out in circles, like the rings consuming a small pond after a stone is tossed into the middle.


Photo by Teresa Barron

What will your first word be? How many ripples will be in your pond of favorites?  How many of you will use this space in your planner for creating something that will exercise your smile?  Bring some happy into your day!

Create a page  that leaves you feeling content and energized!  Words are a powerful thing, capable of changing your outlook on a bleak day!  Invest in your smile potential…because when you invest in you, that invests in everyone around you!!

Do something special with a note page in your planner!

And we ALL want to see what you do!  ~Kristy