Perfect Fit

I don’t have one myself…yet…but I will have the new Erin Condren Hourly planner when the new 18 month ones come out in June. 

In the meantime, I am gathering all the info I possibly can, and even started a new Facebook group for this layout specifically, called “My Erin Condren (Hourly)”!

Today, this was shared in the group and I felt it was worthy of finding a place in the blog!  Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this great tip!!


Pre-Planning Solution

This is pure genius!

I wish I could take the credit for thinking of this, but someone else shared it in one of the MyEC groups and I don’t remember who it was!

Instead of using tiny sticky note flags to mark upcoming events, this gal shared that she used a Target  weekly notepad and attached it to her upcoming weekly pages with Washi tape (which is removable), and used that to scribble down the things in her schedule that weren’t set in stone yet, or at times when she didn’t have her planning supplies with her. This allowed for quick planning, without worrying about the layout or having to erase or delete something. 

This idea totally resonated with me and I took it one step further and used a large weekly sticky note and placed one in each weekly layout for the entire year!

It did not add too much bulk and I’m already using this space every single day for upcoming appointments and events. 


I love that I can scribble with whatever pen I have, and I can write down even those things that may not actually end up on my schedule. 

I went right out and bought a couple more pads at Target, and I ordered a few from Amazon!


I’m all set for the entire year now, and I have no worries that a tiny page flag will lose its stick and fall out before I write the event in the actual planner. 


This will also allow me to do the major planning all at once on Sunday evenings, and when I’m done, I will simply remove the large sheet and throw it away!

Keeping Track of Online Orders

Do you ever forget what you ordered online?  Or end up not being sure if everything you ordered has arrived or not?

This has been a problem for me but today I came up with a solution!

I decided to dedicate one of my note pages to “Online Orders”.  I used tiny checkbox squares from (they are out of stock right now but will be back in stock sometime in January), and made myself a cheerful list for keeping track!  Of course you could just draw boxes too!


  Then I decided that I needed more boxes in case I placed more orders than 24 in a year, so I added another row! 


A bit of rainbow Washi tape across the bottom, and the page is ready to go!!
Then I remembered a few more items I had ordered, and added them to the list!  


Now, when I place an online order, I’ll be sure to jot it down on this page, and then check it off once it arrives. 


New EC Hourly Measurements

I found this one too!  Enjoy!


For those of you that don’t know, this is a brand new format and layout choice for the Erin Condren planners!  There are now 3 different layout options:




I’m so excited about the newest hourly layout that I’m not sure how I’m going to wait till June to order mine for the following academic year. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue enjoying my vertical EC. 

It’s been a good 1/2 week so far!  Shops are tagged on my IG account. 


Money Journal

Keeping track of finances doesn’t just “happen”.  I really enjoy using the Erin Condren Deluxe Notebook to organize the bills due and to keep track of the movements of our money. 

Being able to see things laid out each month is so helpful with budgeting and knowing  what is coming due and making sure bills are paid on time!





All of the green labels are customized with our payees, but the notebook does come with 2 sheets of blank event stickers, and next time I plan to just use those and write on them with my Pilot G2 pen. 


I’ve shared the cover of my notebook before. It’s great that it’s removable because I was able to just move this onto the new notebook for a new year. 
I really do use this as a money journal. It’s especially helpful with keeping track of transfers, when I move money between accounts, and jotting down details about anything else money related. 

EC Stickies Dashboard

As soon as I saw that there were sticky notes, I knew I would have to have them!  I use sticky notes all the time in my planner and the EC brand looked super cute!

I had heard people saying that they didn’t love the dashboard because it made their planner too thick, so when mine arrived, it actually stayed in the package for a week. 

As I continued to use my planner I realized that turning to my pocket folder in the back wasn’t as easy this year because I’m not using a pen loop. In he past, I would always put my pen loop on the folder which made it very easy to turn directly to that place in my planner.  Bit this year I found myself struggling, having to flip to it in sections, and this was frustrating. 

I got the idea to put my sticky note dashboard right in front of the folder, and I love it!! 

The clear tab is perfect for grabbing when I want to get something out or put something into my folder.  


While having the dashboard in the mididle of my planner does make it fatter (and it already has “fat planner syndrome”), it doesn’t concentrate the bulk at the front where the teeth of the cover would be under more stress. 

I think I’m going to be very happy having this insert in this location!!

Brilliant Ideas!

I love being part of the EC community on FB and seeing all the ideas people come up with to make their planners function more efficiently. 

Every now and then, there is an idea that is really, really good, so I want to share those here!  Today there are three…

1.  Need Lines?

2.  Missing the month label on your daily pages?  

Removing the tiny calendar on the top left corner of the Vertical format left some of us wondering which month we are in if we are planning ahead, or if we don’t have the color palate memorized. I thought this was an excellent idea to simply write it in that tiny colored box on the bottom left of your daily pages. 

EC, if you’re seeing this, perhaps you can simply print the monthly name here for the 2016-2017 planners!

3. What to do about your notepad when you have removable covers?  



This tops the brilliance chart for me today. The notepads are designed to be stuck to the back cover of the planner. This worked well when the cover was permanent. But what to do if you change your cover?  This!

What a great way to have the flexibility of having a notepad when you need it, or removing it if you don’t need those extra pages for that event or that particular day. 

Thank you to all the ladies in my groups who are sharing their amazing ideas with all of us. And if you haven’t joined us yet, be sure to check out the family of “My Erin Condren” groups on Facebook. There should be at least one that you can call home!

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Covering The Extra Days In The Monthly View

In the Erin Condren monthly layout, as in any monthly layout, there are too many boxes per number of days in the month. Most calendars simply leave these blank, but Erin Condren numbers the extra days from the precious month and for the following month. Here’s a look at November 2016.  

If you look closely, you’ll see October 30 & 31, as well as December 1-3. Let’s take a closer look.  



The dates are printed in a lighter grey than the numbers for the actual month, but I find this to be confusing while I’m doing my planning. 

In the past, I’ve simply used Bic Whiteout tape to cover those unnecessary numbers, but this year I’m handling this a little differently.  
This year, I am using the EC designer Washi sheets to create my own Washi tape to cover the extra numbers. 

First, grab a sheet that coordinates with your month and your paper cutter.  


I measure 1/4 inch and cut myself some strips! 


Then I cut my strips to fit across the length necessary to cover those extra boxes.  


Sometes I just need a tiny strip! 

I just have to cover those light grey numbers. I can’t have more than one month on my layout (*one exception to this rule that I will share soon).  

The finished look is simple, streamline, and it allows me to still use the box for important notes. This is my July calendar with 2 notes that pertain to multiple days in the month. I didn’t want to clutter my layout with Washi strips over the entire month for my daughter, so I simply used a blank box to write myself a little note.  

Here is the whole layout from my photo examples.  May happened to begin on a Monday, so I only needed my Washi strips along the bottom of this monthly spread. 

I love that I can cut my strips any thickness that I want. Skinny works best for me, so all of my strips so far are 1/4 inch.  

I can’t wait for June of 2016. The colors are so pretty together!


November also only needed strips across the bottom. 


I’ve enjoyed doing every month except for December. I have the Holiday Washi sheets (with the Christmas themes) in my cart and I’m waiting for the Teacher Planner launch to order because I know I will want the new sticker book that will be available then as well!

Here’s March. It required strips on both the bottom and the top! 


I’m loving my planner being only Erin Condren this year. It’s requiring me to be creative and utilize what supplies I have in many different ways!!