Wellness Journal

New year, new goals!  It’s that time of year again when we get all exited about making changes and becoming better versions of ourselves. 

I’m ready to tackle my goal of healthier eating and a more active lifestyle. I’ve removed my Wellness Journal cover from last year’s journal, and locked it onto a new Erin Condren colorful vertical life planner and I’m itching to get started. 

These are my goals listed on the front cover!

The new planner has the vibrant gemtone colors inside and since my regular planner is a neutral hourly, I’m excited to work with these rich colors in my Wellneess Journal. 

Here are some pages from last year’s Wellness Journal. I simply write down what I ate and track my Fitbit steps and any other exercise that I do. I like to sprinkle in some motivational thoughts and some poetry here and there. 

Writing down everything that goes into my mouth actually motivates me because I don’t want to have to see a record of all the say M&M’s I consumed on a bad day!!  So I won’t eat them just to not have to write it down!!

I use the monthly layout to jot down how I’m doing emotionally as food is often an emotional response to what is happening in our lives. 

I do my best with this because it does take work and time to keep a daily record, but when I fall off the wagon, like in one of the blank layouts above (because it definitely happens), I just keep climbing back up and moving forward!

Note Pages

This is a duplication of something I did last year that I absolutely loved!  I keep a list of things I’ve ordered online and check them off once they arrive. It’s so easy to forget what you ordered, and this completely keeps me on track so I don’t lose or forget anything. 

I plan to use the first 2 note pages for this purpose. They are kind of in front of the notes tab anyway, so this seems like a great place to nestle these two pages into my planner. 

The box stickers are from Krissyanne Designs. You’ll find that I’m a huge #kaddict (KAD addict) and I use a LOT of her stickers. 

If you want to get some of these check box stickers, it’s sheet KAD 478. These are the bold colors. They also come in pastel. 


Tiny Giveaway

I have these fun Krissyanne Designs exclusive sampler stickers and I want to give them away!  Leave a comment sharing what you’d like to see more of on this blog for your chance to win!  I’ll choose a random winner on Tuesday evening. 

Hourly News

My last post was my brand new hourly planner!  I have enjoyed this layout pretty well, but I am now mentally thinking of the times two hours ahead. Instead of having a day from 6am to 7pm, I need a day from 8am to 9pm. I’ve been playing around with whiting out the times. 

If only Erin Condren would sell this layout with no printed times. It would be perfect!

Here is this week with the times whited out after the day happens. 

I love how this looks!  By doing it after the day is over, many times are covered with stickers or writing, so it’s a quick job with my white out tape. 

On this December layout, I’m fully invested in looking at the times as 2 hours later. This is going to flow so much better for me. 

And at the end of the day, I’ll just white out the times I didn’t need!

I know that Inkwell Press has the perfect planner with blank lines, but I’m an EC girl and still love my EC planner. I can live with an adjustment on the hours for now!

2016-2017 Neutral Hourly Mid Century Circles

It’s finally here. I was literally on the last page in my previous planner and I NEEDED my new one to arrive. Simply put, I LOVE IT!

This will be my 4th year using an Erin Condren planner. I have been a vertical girl up till now, but the structure of the hourly really spoke to me, so I’m excited to be in an hourly this  year. 

I love the signature design this time and couldn’t resist the color and cheerfulness of the mid century circles. But I went with the neutral on the inside, so the contrast of the black tabs with the party of color on the cover is a little mesmerizing to me. 

I fell in love with the neutral when I was able to see the new designs at Geaux Wild in New Orleans last May. I loved the idea of having absolute contol of what colors I would use each week and the neutral offered this complete freedom. 

My message this year to myself and others is “Do Hard Things”.

I was the speaker at an 8th grade graduation this year and this was the title of my message and my challenge to the students. 

It will serve as a constant reminder to myself to keep dreaming and better than that, to do things that will bring me closer to those dreams even if they are scary or hard!

July is off to a busy start and my monthly view will be an overview for bills (those are not on there yet), extended activities, and a quick glance for business related items. 

My weekly will probably be a lot simpler this year because I’ll have a full time job teaching and I won’t have time for elaborate decorating. 

I had to return to #teamblack because black just looks better in the neutral!  My pen of choice is the Pilot G2 0.7. I’ve become a pen snob and don’t want to use any other kind!

I’ve tried using multiple planners, one for personal, one for finances, and one for business, and it’s just too many things to keep up with. This year, I’m keeping ALL of the information in one place, which means it will always be at the tip of my fingers!

To do this, I’m utilizing the inspirational quote pages and repurposing them as a space for contacts. I am writing the quote on the large flag on the opposite page so I can still be inspired by the words!

I also adore the tiny page markers and have them in several key places in my planner this year. 

I am definitely a lover of the zipper pouch and I’ve placed mine right before the pocket page. I have important stickers, stamps, and address labels as staple items, and other misc things find their way there as well. 

At the back of my planner are the new sticky notes. 

Erin Condren knocked it out of the ball park with these designs. I bought 3 of them because I know I’m going to use them so much!

Have you seen them up close?  Feast your eyes on the cutest sticky notes on the planet!

Choosing neutral this year was not about needing less color. In fact, when I saw the month at a glance pages I was initially disappointed that they had NO color at all.

But then I found “The Classy Planner” on Etsy and her monthly overview stickers were perfection!

Adding this pop of color on these pages makes my heart sing!

This year I don’t want to “plan ahead” with stickers and color choices. I’m looking forward to having a clean slate each week, and while I know my time will be limited, planning is a therapeutic and relaxing activity for me, and it has become one of my all time favorite hobbies!

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I have used an EC for 3 years now and I love it more each year!  I’ll be sharing how I use it for a Fitness Journal  this weekend, so stay tuned!

There are so many lovely designs, just look at all these options!

If you’ve been wavering on this decision, it’s time to take the plunge!!  

HIP – How I Plan March 28-April 3

Sunday is one of my favorite days because it’s the day I get to plan the upcoming week in my Erin Condren vertical life planner!!

Usually my week has a few things already on the pages. 

The first thing I do is remove my weekly sticky note from the right side of this layout and take a good look at everything coming up for the week. My large sticky note allows me to scribble everything down as I learn about it and because all of the information is on one sheet, with a strong removable adhesive,  I’m never worried that a small page flag will be lost or misplaced. 

Once the week is just ahead of me, I can evaluate my plans and cull out anything that is not a priority. 

Now comes the fun part!


I’m participating in KAD week this week, so I’ve got both of my KAD binders ready to go! (Join the group Krissyanne Designs Stickers on FB for more information)

I’ve recently moved my planning supplies to my bedroom, so all the magic is now sprawled all over my bed!


Choosing stickers for appointments, bringing undone tasks from last week to this week, and planning out my schedule is something I find to be very relaxing and therapeutic. 
This week I’m color coding with my KAD stickers. With five people in the family, this usually produces a fairly colorful week!

The final layout includes everything from my weekly sticky note that I decided was a priority. 

As the week unfolds, more things will be added!  I’ll post a photo of my final spread next Sunday on Instagram! 

@myec_kristy 🎀📔💞